Marketing Practices for the Restaurant CMO

Posted by Kira on 12/6/16 9:01 AM

Measuring Marketing Strategy Efficiency

How do you assure that your marketing initiatives are headed in the right direction? What are some strategies that help improve your restaurant business? Perhaps you offer coupons or special promotions to a select group or target audience. Maybe you create a social media campaign or an email blast with offers. And once you implement initiatives, how do you measure their success to assure increased profitability? Perhaps you generate reports afterward to look at the success rate. Are you getting positive results that show growth and a solid ROI?

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NEWS: Restaurant Traffic Rises

Posted by Dave Bennett on 11/18/16 9:56 AM

Customer traffic into restaurants has been in the news throughout 2016. There is a lot of speculation on the cause of this trend, but most everyone is seeing the decline in traffic as a major issue for the industry.

Recently, we've noticed a change that contrasted with other reports.

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The Cost to Unlock the Power of Your Restaurant Data?

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 11/10/16 2:23 PM

In two earlier posts we discussed the Pros and Cons The Benefits Of 3rd Party Restaurant Data Warehousing and in another To SaaS or Not? That's the Question, we outlined where possible cost differences between Do it Yourself (DIY) and 3rd Party Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. While I didn’t start with the thought in mind to create a trilogy on DIY I guess I just felt compelled to address the (cost difference) elephant in the room. Therefore, in what could now be considered post # 3 on this topic we’ll add the dollars and cents to see just how much a difference exists between DIY and SaaS solutions.

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