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What does an oil light have to do with restaurant performance?

Posted by Mirus Marketing


Driving these days can be a tedious task. Buckle up, set your mirrors, use your signals, yield at the intersection, check your fuel level, wait... what's that other light on the dashboard? That's the low oil light!

Good thing your vehicle is equipped with sophisticated computers that monitor the performance of your automobile. While you were worried about several other issues, your vehicle's computer system noticed there was not enough oil in the engine. That could lead to something tragic like overheating the motor, or even worse - engine failure.
Thanks to a set threshold and an alert system that uses a visual aid (low oil light), you are now fully aware of the problem and can take specific measures to solve it - get more engine oil (or get an oil change and make sure there are no oil leaks).

So what does a car oil light have to do with how to monitor restaurant performance? To answer that, I'd like to quickly explain what exception based reporting is.

What is EBR?
Exception based reporting (EBR) is a method of data analysis that compares vast amounts of data to set thresholds. Alerts are triggered when data does not match set thresholds. I've read that "It’s like the old children’s game in which two pictures are compared and you have to determine what items in the second picture are different from the first."

When your vehicle was manufactured, an engineer determined that if the oil levels go below a certain threshold, the low oil light must illuminate on the dashboard. Well managed restaurants use the exact same principles to monitor several different operation situations - around the clock. These successful operations use EBR systems so that they can focus on solving problems not investigating every situation, all the time.

How to Implement an EBR Solution
So now you know your car uses EBR and so should your restaurant operations, what about your restaurant(s)? If the answer is no, no worries. I'll briefly explain how you can get started.

As a restaurant operator, all you have to do is integrate your data source systems with a cloud based EBR solution. Web based reporting software companies can help you do this.  They are managed by IT experts and are constantly updating their solutions to meet client needs.

For example, Mirus Restaurant Solutions (a leader in restaurant focused EBR systems) can integrate with any POS system, labor scheduler, kitchen timer, loyalty system, etc.  A quality EBR system can even integrate with third party data sources like weather programs, excel spreadsheets, and more.

Once you are integrated, you can set thresholds and generate custom reports! Because the EBR system is so powerful, you will be able to make quick, informed decisions that will increase restaurant profits.

Overall Message
Whether you manage 1 or 1000 restaurants, you should have an exception based reporting system in place. If you are currently using spreadsheets or using limited POS analytics to monitor restaurant performance - that is not good enough. You are leaving money on the table!

Are you using any type of EBR system?
If not, why?
Do you agree with what I wrote about?

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