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Product Update: Mirus Mobile 2.0 - Learn Why it's a Game Changer

Posted by Mirus Team

Mirus Mobile 2.0 - available for free to all Mirus Enterprise users!

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding Mirus right now for all the right reasons. Three major changes have taken place so far in 2014 and one in particular is the Mirus Mobile App. Cosmetic changes aside, this new and improved app comes equipped with features and functionality that no other app in the industry has. In an on-the-go world where people rely so heavily on their smartphones for information, version 2.0 now allows users to access their custom reports created on the Mirus Enterprise Report Writer. Any report, any time, now accessible anywhere. If that doesn’t impress you, continue reading to learn about more of the awesome features Mirus 2.0 allows you to do.


Analyze your information in multiple chart formats


Mirus 2.0 now allows you to use multiple graphing charts to view and analyze store performance. You can choose to view a custom report in the following ways:

The many views of the new and improved Mirus Mobile app.


GPS navigation, calling and report viewing for configured stores


As operators, the name of the game is work smarter, not harder. While on the road touring stores, operators need to have key information readily available and be prepared to have proactive, action oriented conversations with managers. The GPS and calling features of Mirus 2.0 allow users to pull reports for individual locations as soon as they arrive at the particular location.

Mirus Mobile 2.0 features an intuitive upgrade that featurs GPS navigation to configured stores.


Customizable look and feel


One underestimated value proposition of Mirus 2.0 is the ability to update color preferences and default settings on the fly. User experience is of utmost importance and each user has a different opinion about how an app should look to them.

Customize your experience on Mirus Mobile 2.0 by setting default colors and chart views on your reports!


How to download Mirus 2.0 to your smart phone


We didn’t mention the best part; the new app is FREE to Mirus Enterprise users!

For more information, visit the new mirus.com or call now to schedule a live demo of Mirus 2.0!


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