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Who is Sarah Danielson and how is she helping restaurants?

Posted by Frank

Employee Spotlight
Sarah Danielson, Senior Java Developer, Mirus Restaurant Solutions

At Mirus Restaurant Solutions, we work with many wonderful clients. At industry events or maybe during our annual user conference, we get to meet with some of them, face-to-face. It's always a good feeling to personally meet someone you have been working with over the phone or email.

When you learn more about someone you work with, it seems to make working with them easier and in many respects, more enjoyable. The "human factor" is important in business because getting to know someone on a human level develops trust and confidence in one-another.

At Mirus, one of our highest priorities is our clients. We understand that without their ongoing support, we would not be able to continue in any worthwhile direction. Simply put, our clients deserve the best customer service and customer satisfaction we can deliver.

In an effort to become more "open" as an organization, we will publish employee spotlights. This is a great opportunity for us to share exactly who works for us, what they do, and how they help meet our clients restaurant business intelligence goals.

With out further ado, I'd like to introduce a colleague of mine. Her name is Sarah Danielson! I had a chance to sit down with Sarah to learn a little bit about her role at Mirus, and who she is outside of work.



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