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I come from a background in the service industry, as an end-user of Aloha POS (front and back of house) and was able to translate my knowledge of the restaurant and service industry operations and reporting to help restaurant operators utilize their data to it's fullest potential through data warehousing and the MIRUS dynamic report writer. I have been able to use my strong analytical approach and apply it to troubleshooting and problem resolution. I help clients take data directly from their POS and other systems (BOH, Payroll, Accounting, etc) and map it into a single database for meaningful above-store reporting. I work as a liaison between technical and business communities and communicate complex technical situations in understandable terms. I help client's define the scope of their projects and work with them to implement. I enjoy leading the client through the project lifecycle and the reward of seeing the initial idea come to life.
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A Restaurant Analytics Platform for Every Department

Posted by Emily

When a restaurant company originally adopts a restaurant analytics platform like Mirus, the decision usually hinges on one key issue within the company, whether that be:

  • Consolidated reporting above store (Operations)
  • General Ledger feed (Finance)
  • Analysis of promotions or LTOs (Marketing)
  • Payroll feed (HR)
  • Visibility into franchise stores (C-Level)

Each of these key issues usually impacts a specific department, which can lead to the impression that the platform is only a FILL IN THE BLANK tool; only a Finance tool if you are using it to export to your GL system, or only an Operations tool if you are using it for consolidated above store reporting. However, you are losing out on the inherent value and flexibility of your restaurant analytics platform if you’ve got it siloed away into one area of your company. 

Let’s review each of the key restaurant departments and see how a restaurant analytics platform can be tailored to meet each department's needs.

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Topics: Restaurant Marketing, Restaurant IT, Restaurant Operations, Restaurant Finance, Restaurant Analytics


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