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Client Spotlight: Talon Management Services

Mirus Conditional Logic Feature

2023 New Restaurant Software Integrations

Client Spotlight: Ruby Slipper Restaurant Group

Client Spotlight: Krystal Restaurants

Why Menu Pricing Now Requires Market Basket Analysis

Using a Data Warehouse as a Restaurant System of Record

A Restaurant Analytics Platform for Every Department

Client Spotlight: Bobby Cox Companies

2022 New Restaurant Software Integrations

How to Calculate Real Revenue Growth Rates for Restaurants

Announcing Mirus Version 7.0

Mirus Copy Report Feature

Mirus XLS Group Alert Improvements

Client Spotlight: Twin Peaks- Promo and Event Tracking

Client Spotlight: Portillo's - GL Reporting at Light Speed

Mirus Single Page Application Design Improvements

How to Calculate Plate Cost- Free Plate Cost Calculator

Mirus Group Alert Schedule

How to Calculate and Use Restaurant Prime Cost

How Do Restaurants Measure Performance?

Client Spotlight: Sprinkles Cupcakes

Pent up Demand for Restaurants

Restaurants Sales take Off! - sort of...

Managing Your Restaurant Tech & Data Stacks

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Labor with PMIX Reports

Mirus Total Line Font Control

Measuring Restaurant Performance During Covid

Should Restaurants Fear Winter 2020?

Pandemic Restaurant Recovery Success Stories- Fast Casual, Casual & Fine Dining

Business Intelligence is not a Project

Navigating Restaurant Uncertainty with Data Visibility

Is Restaurant Traffic Stalling?

Mirus Font Control, Report Option UI & Alert Enhancements

Examining Restaurant Profit & Loss

Restaurant Industry: A Diary of the COVID-19 Impact Sep 10

Multi-Unit Restaurants - Why Upgrade Your Reporting Platform?

Restaurant Industry: A Diary of the COVID-19 Impact August 3

Restaurants - What's Certain in an Uncertain World

Restaurant Industry: A Diary of the COVID-19 Impact July 7

Restaurant Industry: A Diary of the COVID-19 Impact June 3

Restaurant Industry: A Diary of the COVID-19 Impact May 11

Restaurant Industry: A Diary of the COVID-19 Impact May 1

Restaurant Industry: A Diary of the COVID-19 Impact April 20

Restaurant Industry: A Diary of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Impact

Restaurants: Building Your Own Data Warehouse Is Senseless

How Restaurants Can Learn From The Roaring 20's

Client Spotlight: Willie's Restaurants

Why Should Restaurants Integrate Marketing Data?

Client Spotlight: Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurants

Why Should Restaurants Integrate Financial Data?

Why Should Restaurants Integrate Operational Data?

Mirus User Conference 2019 - What to Expect

Learn the Basics of Restaurant Business Dashboards

Restaurant Data Integrations - What To Know

Restaurant Reporting & Analysis Are Not The Same

Client Spotlight: Nothing Cool About Microsoft Excel

The Importance of Cleansing Restaurant Data

Use Your Data To Catch Restaurant Labor Fraud

Restaurant Employee Theft - Voids & Comps

What's The Ideal Restaurant Discount?

Resolve To Whip Your Restaurant Data Into Shape

Mirus 2018 Year In Review

2019 Thinking Points - Restaurant Data

Think You Know Your Restaurant Customers?

Successful Business Decisions Through Data Consolidation

The Changing Dynamics of Restaurants

Effectively Integrating Restaurant Data

Use Your Data To Detect Cash Theft

Mirus User Conference 2018 Presentation & Photos

Restaurant Fraud: How Do We Prevent It?

Restaurant Employee Contests: Fun, Profitable, or Both?

Mirus User Conference 2018 - Explore The Power Of Your Data

Questions To Ask Before Implementing Food Delivery

The Brief History of Mirus Restaurant Reporting

Accessing Restaurant Data: One Company's Success Story

Restaurant SaaS: Client's Rights

Why Restaurant Inventory Should Integrate With Sales Data

Mirus Index: Restaurant Sales Rise In 2018

Client Spotlight: How Good Smoke Restaurants Handle Reporting For Two Brands

The Difference Between Product Mix & Market Basket Analysis

See ‘What’ Happens When You Use an Above Store Reporting System

Client Spotlight: How Benihana Increased Efficiencies and Reduced Discrepancies

Why Your Restaurant Business Needs A Data Mining Solution

Employee Spotlight: Meet Dina and Hear How She is Helping Restaurants With Their Data

Restaurant Operations: Manager Expectations

Restaurant Reporting: How to use Product Mix (PMIX) Analysis

Client Spotlight: Why Mirus Is Better Than Excel

Getting The Most From Your Restaurant Guest Loyalty Program

3 Keys To Analyze Promotions For Counter Service Restaurants

Meet Terri and Learn How Mirus Can Improve Your Restaurant Business

The Blurred Lines of "Restaurant Management Software"

5 Reports To Improve Restaurant Customer Satisfaction

Fast Casual Operations: 2 Areas That Affect Restaurant Profits

What Comes First: Smart Data or Smart People?

3 Characteristics of An Enterprise Data Warehouse

The Do's And Don'ts of Increasing Restaurant Profit Margin

Mirus 2017 Year In Review

Restaurant CTO Challenge: How to Monitor Labor Data

Analyzing Restaurant Profits

5 Hassles Every Report Writer Goes Through

Spreadsheet & Trust, Oxymoron or Truth?

Should Restaurant HR Leverage BI?

Mirus User Conference 2017 - Presentations & Photos

Do Ordering Apps Benefit Restaurants?

Automated Machines: The Future of the Restaurant Industry?

Benefits of Consolidating Point of Sale & Back Office Data

Time To Upgrade Your Restaurant Reporting System?

Restaurant Above Store Reporting, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics - Aren’t they all the same?

What are Restaurant Reporting Dashboards?

Restaurants see an Increase in Same Store Sales

Restaurant Data Analytics - What Should You Expect to Pay?

POS Reporting VS Above Store Reporting

Can Restaurant Reporting Software Pay For Itself?

Restaurant Customer Satisfaction - What Exactly Makes Your Guest Come Back?

Multi-Unit Restaurants: 3 Ways to Measure Cannibalization

An Upsurge of Optimism in the Restaurant Industry

Understanding Restaurant Reporting Techie Terms!

Restaurants sell more using Mirus

An Alternative to Restaurant Back Office System

Are Data Integrations Important For Restaurant Reporting?

How Labor Affects Restaurant Promotions

Restaurant Theft: Close the LOOP for a more complete deterrence program

Investigating Customer Satisfaction and Tip Percentage Relationships

Should You Change Your Restaurant POS?

A Look Back - Mirus 2016 (UPDATED)

Restaurant Growth is Optional. Change is Inevitable. Choose Wisely.

Marketing Practices for the Restaurant CMO

The Cost to Unlock the Power of Your Restaurant Data?

Data Integration: How Partial Details Can Be Misleading

3 Tips To Improve Restaurant Surveys

How To Leverage Technology to Track Labor & Overtime

How Profit Patterns Can Give Restaurants Hope and Improve Operations

Restaurant Finance: Identify Reporting Tools To Increase Profits

Managing Franchises, One Unit at a Time

Coupon Fraud: You May Be Giving Away More Than You Think

Negative Sales: What's Next for Restaurants?

How Can Restaurants Benefit From API's?

To SaaS or Not? That's the Question...

Implementing a New Restaurant Reporting System & Surviving Integration

5 Labor Alerts Every Restaurant Should Receive

How Restaurant Customer Data Can Make You a Better Marketer

Measuring the Success of Promotions in Restaurants

Controlling Restaurant Costs In A Tight Labor Market

Consumer Profiling: Knowing More About Your Restaurant Customers

Restaurant Analytics - Looks VS. Functionality

Improve Restaurant Employee Productivity (Part 3 of 3)

How to Control Cost Using Effective Restaurant Labor Allocation (Part 2 of 3)

Restaurant Labor as a Percentage of Sales is Foolish (Part 1 of 3)

Why Restaurant Manager Theft Needs To Be Discussed

The 2 KPIs Every Restaurant CEO Should Be Using

Meet Matt, A Restaurant Software Developer On A Mission!

The Different Types of Restaurant Software Solutions

The Benefits Of 3rd Party Restaurant Data Warehousing

The Importance of Linking Restaurant Data

Restaurant Analysis Methods: Product Mix VS. Market Basket

Do Multi Unit Restaurants Benefit from Tablet POS?

Restaurant Food Cost Controls

Mirus Unveils New Dashboard Technology

How Scorecards Improve Multi-unit Restaurant Operations

Client Spotlight: Whataburger of Mesquite

How Dairy Queen Profits Increased with New Menu Item

5 Tips For Managing Airport Restaurants

Multi-Unit Restaurants: Filter Top Performers and Bad Apples

How Restaurant Performance Management Leads to Shocking Results

Sparking Restaurant Business Change Through Comparative Reporting

Restaurant Performance Management - Comparing Alternatives

Is there a harder system to implement than restaurant food cost?

How to grow your restaurant franchise business through reporting

The Minimum Wage Hike: Survival Tactics for Multi Unit Restaurants

How Sparklines are Improving Restaurant Reporting

Meet Delyth, Restaurant Reporting Fanatic

CFO Restaurant Reports That Improve The Bottom Line

Manage Your Restaurant Operations by Exception & Gain Greater Insight

Mirus Announces New Restaurant Analyzation Filter We Call N Step

How Exception Based Reporting Leads to a Huge ROI

Stop Hating Your POS System

How Uno Pizzeria Reduced Restaurant Loss

Caution: Summarized Restaurant Data May Yield Faulty Results

Leveraging Your Restaurant Data: The Information Learning Curve

VIDEO: Meet Emily, She's Helping Restaurants Increase Profits!

What is an Enterprise Data Warehouse?

To Catch a Thief... Fraud Prevention in Restaurants

Why Back of House & Business Intelligence Systems aren't the same

Improve Customer Restaurant Reviews In 3 Steps

What is Above Store Reporting?

Spreadsheets Are NOT a Solution for Successful Restaurant Operations

Why Exception Based Reporting is Vital for Restaurant Operators

How is Anna Oravec Improving Restaurant Business Intelligence?

5 Ways to Increase Restaurant Profits by Knowing Your Customers

How to Attract Millennial Customers to your Restaurant


What is SaaS and why is it important for business?

ETL for Dummies

Preventing Gift Card Fraud at your Restaurants

8 Severe Weather Planning Tips for Restaurant Operators

What's Beta Testing? How your Restaurant Profits from this Tech Concept

It's here... The new mirus.com - Check Out all the Bells and Whistles

Do Your Employees Understand the Importance of Customer Satisfaction?

Menu Engineering: 3 Tips to Maximize Profit Margin - Right Now


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