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Are Data Integrations Important For Restaurant Reporting?

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 2/8/17 11:24 AM

Data Integration

Data integration is best described as a process in which heterogeneous data (marketing, sales, operations, customer, mystery shop, cleanliness, finance, etc.) often referred to as information silos, is extracted, transformed and combined in a data warehouse where it's accessible through a presentation layer that allows it to be used together to form more meaningful and actionable reports.

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How Can Restaurants Benefit From API's?

Posted by Leslie on 7/28/16 9:05 AM

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Restaurants today are about more than just food and hospitality. Technology has become a major factor, both customer facing and behind the scenes. Restaurant chains are being more efficiently run with the help of numerous systems from Point of Sale, Back of House, Labor Scheduling, Business Intelligence, Guest Loyalty and the list goes on. Each system holds valuable information that becomes exponentially more valuable when combined with other data. In order to take advantage of that value, restaurant IT executives are continuously faced with the challenge of making these restaurant systems talk to one another. Unfortunately, it's not that simple. Getting data out of some of these systems can be pretty challenging. However, the push is being made more and more for technology companies to "open up" access. Enter the API.

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To SaaS or Not? That's the Question...

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 7/20/16 10:25 AM

Buckle up because we’re going to turn on the wayback machine and do some time travel back to a day when companies used mainframe computers. Yes, I said mainframe computers. I guess that says something about how long I’ve been around.

OK, let’s fast forward for a minute and make a quick comparison – mainframes, like many of today’s Do it Yourself (‘DIY’) solutions, aren’t for everyone because they’re expensive to acquire, operate and maintain.

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