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Restaurant Theft: Close the LOOP for a more complete deterrence program

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 1/24/17 10:26 AM

Theft Happens

We all know that theft happens in the restaurant industry; heck, it happens in most industries. For example, did you know; according to a study by the National Retail Federation, 2016 was the first year ever that 100% of retailers said they were victims of organized retail theft.

Unfortunately there are numerous stats to back up the prevalence of restaurant theft:

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Coupon Fraud: You May Be Giving Away More Than You Think

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 8/11/16 3:00 PM

Are your promos being used to commit fraud?

The majority of restaurants have utilized some type of promotion in order to build revenue, introduce a new product, drive traffic or reward loyal customers. In short, your restaurant business is providing a coupon offer in return for more / specific customer interaction. This give and take process generally works well. However, while it may be increasing traffic and driving sales, your business may be losing hundreds, heck even thousands of dollars due to fraud and you may not even know it.

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Why Restaurant Manager Theft Needs To Be Discussed

Posted by Dave Bennett on 4/6/16 10:33 AM

Restaurant Management Theft

The Elephant In The Room...

Theft, or loss, in the restaurant industry is everywhere. Lots of small, cash transactions are one factor that sets the stage for loss. Food that can be consumed at home is another. This is a touchy subject for restaurant companies, a reality that very few like to discuss.

Of all the discussions that are uncomfortable for restaurant companies, manager theft ranks near the top. At most companies, the manager is a key control point for finances. We empower them with unique access to money and data. One bad apple can do a lot of damage.

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