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What are Restaurant Reporting Dashboards?

Posted by Kira on 6/27/17 1:03 PM

What is a Restaurant Reporting Dashboard?

In layman’s terms, a dashboard is a user interface that, to some extent, is similar to an automobile's dashboard. It organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to see and understand. A dashboard is a graphic presentation of the most important data needed to accomplish a number of objectives all combined on a single screen.

A restaurant business can obtain information from any system that contains data (the Point of Sale system, a Back Office system that contains labor and inventory information, guest loyalty, accounting, etc.) and then combine it all to present all the data as though it came from the same source. The goal is to integrate information from numerous systems into a unified presentation in order to gain greater access and a deeper understanding of the business.

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Restaurants see an Increase in Same Store Sales

Posted by Dave Bennett on 6/20/17 7:25 AM

For the past year, reports have been consistently detailing the decline in restaurant same store sales. Mirus reporting clients, as a group, have not suffered this fate.

Mirus Index is a same store sales performance benchmark of all the restaurant companies who use Mirus reporting solutions. For the past eight years we have routinely compared the Mirus Index against the more popular indices published by companies like Black Box Intelligence, MillerPulse, Restaurant Research, and others.

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Meet Sonia Scott and see how she helps restaurants

Posted by Frank on 6/16/17 11:42 AM

Sonia Scott

Mirus has experienced steady growth in recent years and a lot of that growth falls onto the shoulders of our account management team. They are the front lines of Mirus customer service and without their hard work and communication efforts, Mirus would struggle greatly.

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