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Mirus User Conference 2018 - Explore The Power Of Your Data

Posted by Dave Bennett on 8/8/18 10:23 AM

This year we are pleased to be hosting the Mirus User Conference in our home town of Houston, and Everyone is invited! This conference is the best way to see how Mirus provides a powerful advantage to our clients for building customer satisfaction, increasing sales, and getting to the action plan quicker than is possible with spreadsheets or static reporting.

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The Difference Between Product Mix & Market Basket Analysis

Posted by Kira on 6/7/18 3:55 PM

First things first, what are the definitions of product mix and market basket analysis? What benefits do restaurant companies gain from using these two analytical methods?

Product Mix Analysis

Product mix is a tool restaurant executives use to make decisions about menu items. Product mix reports can show a restaurant’s top selling vs bottom selling items, the percentage of the overall menu, the percentage of overall sales for a day, week, month, etc. By studying these reports, restaurant executives can find new ways of reaching their customers through promotions, etc.  For example, a restaurant business can learn from a product mix report that chicken sliders were top sales last month. Offering a variety of sides and drinks that pair well with the chicken sliders would be a good way to increase sales. By paying close attention to costs the restaurant business can increase their profit margins also.

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See ‘What’ Happens When You Use an Above Store Reporting System

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 5/29/18 9:15 AM

Above Store Reporting

In today’s highly competitive restaurant marketplace, restaurant companies are slowly evolving and becoming more data-centric when it comes to decision making but it’s definitely a learning process. Part of the reason is due to changes in the way many newer systems (POS, BOH, etc.), are delivering Above Store Reports (ASR) on daily activities. OK before I go further on this, let’s go back to the beginning and then fast forward back to today.

I’m not going to go all the way back to paper and fax machines but for those that remember this tedious process, I’d be remiss to ignore its existence. With the advance of the Internet and computers, paper forms and faxes were replaced with reports being made visible by logging into the POS or BOH systems. One main difference between now and then is the early systems required you to login to each location individually before you could see any reports.

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Restaurant Reporting: How to use Product Mix (PMIX) Analysis

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 4/19/18 4:15 PM

It seems like, since forever, that Product Mix or PMIX as it’s known, has been a staple in the restaurant arsenal for evaluating what’s selling and menu performance. And while, PMIX does deliver some interesting information like how many of x, y or z did I sell over a day, week, month, etc., it lacks the details needed to see shifts in demand, which makes it a poor choice to use when you’re wanting to make critical decisions about menu changes. For now, let’s look closer at what PMIX can deliver.

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5 Reports To Improve Restaurant Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Kira on 3/8/18 11:48 AM

What makes your customers happy when visiting your restaurants and what keeps them coming back? Is it the quality and taste of the food? Polite and speedy service? Customer fulfillment, or lack of it, will ultimately affect your restaurant business in a significant way.

Restaurant executives study reports pertinent to their specific departments (Finance, Operations, Marketing, etc.) but no matter their department, there are factors that overlap amongst these departments. One major issue is customer satisfaction. There are many variables that can affect customer satisfaction and by looking at the right information, restaurant companies can utilize a way to measure the key metrics important to executing a memorable dining experience for their guests.

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Restaurant Above Store Reporting, Business Intelligence, Business Analytics - Aren’t they all the same?

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 6/28/17 2:22 PM

Restaurant organizations are increasingly turning to data to help manage their operations more effectively, improve marketing, drive revenues, increase profit margins, ensure competitiveness and grow their businesses. Unfortunately, today, the most widely implemented solutions aren’t Business Intelligence (BI) or Business Analytics (BA) solutions. No, today, the vast majority of restaurant companies rely on reports generated by the very systems used to operate (POS, BOH, etc.), their businesses.

Why? In my humble opinion, there’s a lot of confusion around terms being used to describe what any restaurant company may be receiving when it comes to their reporting. There’s Above Store Reporting (ASR), BI and BA to name a few. While they each provide a means to an end, that end is very different in each case.

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Restaurant Data Analytics - What Should You Expect to Pay?

Posted by Leslie on 6/8/17 2:11 PM

How much does it cost? That’s the question that inevitably comes up whenever I’m talking with a restaurant executive about the data analytic services Mirus provides. Sometimes the timing of the question is right on; other times it’s a bit premature.

If I were selling pens or another commodity the price question wouldn’t be that big of a deal. A pen is a pen. You can touch it, you know what it does, how to use it and why you need it. Business Intelligence (BI) Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, while not new to the restaurant industry (we’ve been around for more than 17 years), are not so straightforward. The benefits and use cases of these solutions are different depending on who you talk to.

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Understanding Restaurant Reporting Techie Terms!

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 4/11/17 9:57 AM

What's The Word?!

What on earth is Big Data, a Data Lake and several other mind boggling tech terms you’ll want to be familiar with…

Spreadsheets are giving way to technology designed to deal with the mountains of (Giga, Tera and Peta Bytes) data companies are generating / accessing to gain deeper insights into their businesses and needed to remain competitive.

Whether you’re a seasoned IT professional or just now beginning to consider more advanced reporting tools you’ll want to become familiar with the lingo of the day. I say of the day primarily because new words / phrases are being added at a record pace – just look at Merriam Webster, heck, they added over 1000 new words in 2016 alone. The tech space is no different – did you know, not that long ago, that the definition of Computer was; ‘person who does computations’.

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An Alternative to Restaurant Back Office System

Posted by Dave Bennett on 2/14/17 9:54 AM

More than two ways to skin a cat...

In a previous post, I touched on the impact human behavior has on the deployment of a restaurant back office system. Many times the most difficult part of deploying a back office system is to get the managers to change their day to day behavior to fit the new system. If everyone doesn't use the system properly, it becomes garbage in - garbage out.

So, why would we want to start such a challenging project? Two motivations to deploy a back office system are improving process controls and automating repetitive tasks. In this post, I'd like to describe some alternatives to traditional back office systems. There are layers to this onion, and you do not need to view it as an "all or nothing" game.

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The Cost to Unlock the Power of Your Restaurant Data?

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 11/10/16 2:23 PM

In two earlier posts we discussed the Pros and Cons The Benefits Of 3rd Party Restaurant Data Warehousing and in another To SaaS or Not? That's the Question, we outlined where possible cost differences between Do it Yourself (DIY) and 3rd Party Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. While I didn’t start with the thought in mind to create a trilogy on DIY I guess I just felt compelled to address the (cost difference) elephant in the room. Therefore, in what could now be considered post # 3 on this topic we’ll add the dollars and cents to see just how much a difference exists between DIY and SaaS solutions.

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