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Do Multi Unit Restaurants Benefit from Tablet POS?

Posted by Mirus

The wave of the future?

Within every industry, technology enables us to make positive changes to increase growth and productivity - Upping the ROI is certainly a great reason for making those changes. The restaurant industry is no exception.

Customer Service

With that in mind, many multi unit restaurants are beginning to utilize tablets for quicker service to their customers. Consumers with limited time constraints get annoyed waiting for a server to take the order or deliver the bill. Primary studies show that tablets cut table turn times down by five minutes. This is huge when looking at customer service improvements.

With the use of the tablets, patrons can order meals quicker, receive suggestions for add-ons to their order (appetizers, dessert) and make payments. For those chains that are serious about studying their growth and performance, the restaurant data on those tablets would likely be priceless.

Theft Management

And yet while speed of service is fantastic, there is another, perhaps even more important reason to use these tablets. It’s to eliminate restaurant fraud. Typically, when customers make payments through restaurant employees, those transactions go through the point of sale system. Some unscrupulous employees are able to manipulate those transactions in many creative ways.

Cash transactions make it very easy for employees to tinker with the order and pocket the cash. Also, if a customer pays with a credit card, once the restaurant employee leaves the table, the customer is vulnerable to potential identity theft. No restaurant wants their customers to feel like their card information was stolen while in their establishment.

By removing cash transactions and employee participation and allowing customers to pay on the tablets the ability to eliminate fraud will increase exponentially!

This is a rather new development but with more success stories, my guess is that more restaurant operators will soon follow the tablet movement.


Tablets can do a lot to increase the bottom lines for multi unit restaurant operators and, as restaurants begin to eliminate cash transactions and increase tablet usage, they will see a lot more dollars on their bottom line.


How is your restaurant chain measuring success and controlling fraud?

Have you consider implementing tablet based POS?

About Mirus:

Mirus is a multi-unit restaurant reporting software used by operations, finance, IT, and marketing.

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