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Mirus User Conference 2017 - Presentations & Photos

Posted by Mirus Marketing


What a great conference this year! I want to thank everyone who joined us, especially the presenters and panelists. This year we made it back to lively and always exciting Vegas strip. Check out our photos here.

If you did not get a chance to attend this year, check out some of the presentations below:

Welcome & Opening Remarks - Video 1, Video 2, Slides

  • Dave Bennett, President & CEO, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


Training: Utilizing Your Data For Loss Prevention - Video, Slides

What reports can you create today with TLD Sales and Labor, how to supplement and enhance data you have today, and how to take it further with Mirus Sentinel.

Terri Pham Gonzalez, Manager of Account Services, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


Uno Case Study: How We Identify Theft - Video, Slides

Learn what reports Uno uses the most, why, and what you should be paying attention to.

  • Michael Scafidi, Manager of Loss Prevention, Uno Pizzeria & Grill


Roundtable Discussions: How Do Others Monitor Theft? - Video, Slides

Ever think - How do other companies prevent and monitor theft? Well, let's find out through some small group discussions.

  • Alan Panek, Vice President Client Services, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


Training: Advanced Mirus Tricks You May Not Know About - Video, Slides

So you think you have the wild beast known as Mirus tamed, huh? Well come see if Alan can show you a thing or two as he pulls out his favorite, advanced Mirus tips and tricks.

  • Alan Panek, Vice President Client Services, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


Breaking the Bottle - Video, Slides

How the Mirus tool alleviated the bottleneck reporting in our organization. Through multiple integrations we are able to report on four unique brands on various key metrics.

  • Meredith Meisler, Financial Analyst, Benihana
  • Alex Gonzalez, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Benihana


The Power of Automation - Video, Slides

Real-time data allows restaurant executives the ability to make improved, informed decisions, faster. See how Mohegan Holdings uses Mirus reporting automation to help transform their business.

  • Ray Fraser, IT Specialist, Mohegan Holding Company


Training: Creating User Workflows - VideoSlides

Let's go over 3 area supervisor work flow examples (one daily work flow, one store investigation work flow, and one trend work flow), cover features that enhance work flows, and self evaluate your own user work flows.

  • Terri Pham Gonzalez, Manager of Account Services, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


The Future of Mirus: Where is Mirus BI heading? - Video, Slides

Join us as we look at what's on the horizon for Mirus BI and how we are getting there.

  • Dina Misener, Manager of Application Development, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


Mirus Refresher: Let’s Review! - Slides
Do you know about all the new features for Total Lines? Have you used the Scroll functionality? Let's update your Mirus Knowledge Base.

  • Delyth Jones, Account Coordinator, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


Training: How to Integrate Data Effectively - Video, Slides

Where should I begin if I want to integrate a new system into Mirus? Let's tackle this popular issue together by discussing initial requirements, potential pitfalls, the importance of tie-out, and how to put your new data to good use.

  • Emily Duncan Tobar, Integration Manager, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


Training: Labor - New School Analysis For An Old School Problem - Slides

Gone are the days when we could rely on just knowing labor dollars as a percentage of sales. We will look at alternative methods for analyzing your labor costs and discuss the types of questions you should be asking yourself in order to find out where you can improve your organization's performance.

  • Aaron Lynn, Account Coordinator, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


Combining BOH and POS Data - Slides

DRM has been with Mirus for almost 2 years now and already has a number of integrations in their data warehouse. Mike will be sharing the benefits they have found of combining their Back Office and Point of Sale information.

  • Mike Swope, CFO, DRM, Inc.


Single or Attached? - Slides

Everyone knows that declining traffic is an industry wide problem. During our presentation we'll discuss how we are utilizing Mirus and n-step filters to report data about our customer's buying habits. We are using this data in marketing, operations and product decisions, as well as to make behavioral changes with our franchisees and baristas. So, are you single or attached?

  • Quita Bertelsen, Financial Consultant, Dunn Bros Coffee
  • Deb Williams, Senior Accountant, Dunn Bros Coffee


Engagement Session Part 1: Effectively Measuring LTOs - Slides

  • Dave Bennett, President & CEO, Mirus Restaurant Solutions


Data: Faster Than The Eye - Video, Slides

Let's see the different type losses Charlie's restaurants have endured and how he predicts, deters and stops theft using data. Particularly, losses that take place after a sale and how we can proactively protect ourselves.

  • Charlie Hecht, Charlie Hecht, Director of IT, PR Management Corp.


VERTS Case Study - Video, Slides

Elias Abraham, Director of Strategy & Finance, VERTS Mediterranean Grill


Panel Discussion: Perspectives on Mirus - Video, Slides

Listen to our four panelist as they discuss various topics related to integration, rollout, planning, Mirus reports, and much more!

  • Moderator: Alan Panek, Vice President Client Services, Mirus Restaurant Solutions
  • Melissa Fletcher, Consultant
  • Steve Brooks, Director of IT and Purchasing, Tumbleweed
  • Derrick Brown, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis, Portillos
  • Lauren Neale, Director of Finance, Taco Mac


Closing Remarks: Next Level Thinking - Slides

  • Dave Bennett, CEO, Mirus Restaurant Solutions

About Mirus:

Mirus is a multi-unit restaurant reporting software used by operations, finance, IT, and marketing.

For more information, please visit:www.mirus.com

Watch Mirus reporting demonstrations and client insights on our YouTube Channel.

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