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2023 New Restaurant Software Integrations

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Mirus 2023New Data Integrations

In 2023, Mirus continued its mission to empower multi-unit restaurant operators with cutting-edge data management solutions. With the introduction of several new integrations, we expanded our capabilities, enabling restaurants to unlock actionable insights and streamline operations like never before. Let's explore the exciting additions to Mirus' integration portfolio.

What is Data Integration?

Simply put, data integration is the process of combining information from different sources restaurants use into a data warehouse. In order to properly integrate data, it must go through a detailed process. This ensures the integrity of the data and allows it to be easily combined with data from different systems.

Mirus Data Integration Process

Integrating new software solutions into Mirus' platform is a meticulous process that involves collaboration across teams and rigorous testing to ensure seamless functionality. Let's take a closer look at how Mirus processes new integrations to deliver cutting-edge data management solutions to our clients.

  1. Integration Request- The first step to getting a new integration into your Mirus data warehouse starts with a simple request through support@mirus.com
  2. Collect Documentation- After receiving the integration request, the Integrations Team works with the client to scope out the project. This includes collecting documentation from the client on system data structure and transport options, as well as any sample files and tie reports.
  3. Statement of Work-  Next, the details of the project are brought together through a Statement of Work (SOW). The SOW includes the following information:
    • Estimated cost
    • Estimated time to complete
    • File/Transport method
    • Measures & Dimensions being integrated
    • Mapping & Granularity
    • Tie-Out Reports to be used 
  4. Build Mapping- Once data structure and transport options have been confirmed, mapping for the integration and ETL process will be built out.
  5. Tie Out- Finally, once data is flowing from the new system into your Mirus data warehouse, we compare reports from the source system and Mirus to ensure that the data "ties out" or matches the source system.
Our rigorous integration process ensures that each new integration meets our high standards of quality, reliability, and security. By leveraging the power of integrated data, our clients can make informed decisions, optimize operations, and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly competitive market landscape.  

2023 New Data Integrations

Client requests drive the development of new data integrations. Our dedication to collaborating with various restaurant systems allows us to enhance accessibility to valuable data for our clients.

Here are the new systems and data sets we added in 2023:

2023 New Integrations-1

Some of the systems listed are not new to the Mirus database, however new data sets are being pulled from the system. 

  • 7Shifts: Actual Labor- Track actual labor data efficiently with our 7Shifts integration, optimizing workforce management.
  • AtVenu: POS (Sales)- Gain real-time insights into sales performance with our AtVenu integration, empowering revenue optimization.
  • Avero: Summary Sales- Access summarized sales data seamlessly through our Avero integration, facilitating comprehensive revenue analysis.
  • Chatmeter: Guest Reviews- Centralize guest review data across platforms with our Chatmeter integration, enhancing online reputation management.
  • Craftable: Invoice Detail- Streamline invoice management with our Craftable integration, ensuring detailed cost analysis and vendor management.
  • Data Central: Food Cost, Inventory, Actual Labor, Daily Performance, Scheduled Labor-Consolidate critical data sets, including food cost, inventory, and labor metrics, with our Data Central integration, facilitating comprehensive business performance analysis.
  • Decision Logic: Food Cost,Inventory- Optimize cost control and inventory management with our Decision Logic integration, ensuring accurate tracking of food cost and inventory data.
  • Delphi: Drive Thru Timer- Monitor and enhance drive-thru performance with our Delphi integration, capturing drive-thru timer data for efficient operations.
  • Net Suite: P&L- Synchronize Profit and Loss (P&L) data seamlessly with our Net Suite integration, facilitating streamlined financial reporting and analysis.
  • Rapid Pay: Tip Export- Export tip data effortlessly with our Rapid Pay integration, ensuring accurate payroll processing and compliance.
  • Resy: Covers- Gain insights into dining trends and reservation patterns with our Resy integration, optimizing seating capacity and guest flow.
  • ReviewTrackers API: Customer Reviews- Proactively manage online reputation by consolidating customer review data from various sources with our ReviewTrackers API integration.
  • Simphony API: Labor- Streamline labor management with our Simphony API integration, capturing labor data for optimized workforce scheduling and analysis.
  • WeScan: Service Exceptions & IDs Verified- Identify service exceptions and verified IDs efficiently with our WeScan integration, enhancing operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.
  • Workday: Payroll Export- Seamlessly export payroll data with our Workday integration, and automate your payroll process. 

Be sure to view our always growing Integration List to see a full list of systems we've integrated for our clients.  

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