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10 Ways To Identify That You Need A Restaurant Report Writer

Posted by Mirus Team

Whether you own 10 restaurants or 100, there’s no eluding the fact that headaches happen. They happen for a variety of different reasons. Some would argue the headaches are attributed to personnel issues and having to stew over the fact that no one will ever be able to do the job the way you want it. We have discovered a new source for the headaches. It’s … number crunching. Having a restaurant report writer might be a cure to the headaches. But, before you decide you need one, perhaps you should check out the 10 identifiers that let you know you’re ready.  

You know you need a restaurant report writer when:

1. The printed Excel copies are now at eye level on your desk

If this scenario is currently happening to you, remove the stack of papers and quickly find your computer; go to Google and search ‘restaurant report writer’ then click the first link. (You’re Welcome)

2. (Per the opening paragraph) You suffer from number crunching migraines

If you are tired of treating your liver like crap by taking all that Advil, Tylenol, and Excedrin, perhaps it is time to put the pills away, give your liver a break, and look into treating your brain to a restaurant report writer.

3. You’re changing the prescription of your glasses/contacts

This could be caused by aging but let’s be honest, you stare at a screen full of numbers all day; it’s not your age… it’s your style of reporting.

4. Your POS/BOH system is giving you different or conflicting reports

Chances are you have two different systems in place for POS data and BOH data (such as inventory) – both will be sending you separate data in the fashion of canned reports. You are not alone and guess what? You need a restaurant report writer for consolidation to give you the most accurate information to make the important and tough decisions.

5. You do not have visibility to real-time data

Yes sir or ma’am you can receive real-time data coming from your locations. This is made possible through a restaurant report writer and a 3rd party vendor who specializes in serving smart information, right now. (Wait. What website am I on again?)

6. You find out your CFO has been job searching on Monster and Career Builder

Depending on how much you like your CFO, this could be a good or bad thing. But once you discover they aren’t happy, you need to step up and face the music that it is directly correlated to the fact that you do not have a restaurant report writer for him or her to use.

7. Your current reporting/analysis vendor who you outsourced takes 2+ weeks to create reports

You have to keep in mind… it is not their fault. They don’t have a restaurant report writer, either. It’s going to take them a while to give you the information you need. Just be patient… Or, you could always void the contract and search for a company that gives you a self-service restaurant report writer – choice is yours!

8. Dashboard? How does my car have anything to do with this?

It doesn’t. But having the functionality to consolidate your reporting to a smart dashboard located conveniently on your computer screen is a powerful tool. Of course with a restaurant report writer you have the capability to drill down into data sets but you can also set up thresholds on an interactive dashboard for a quick glance into performance.

9. Check-Level-Detail means using a magnifying glass…

You there… with the magnifying glass… stop it. Your days of burning ants and discovering a product mix report via scouring through checks is over. Only Sherlock Holmes should be using one, anyway – Invest in a restaurant report writer and sell your magnify glass to an antique dealer or give it to you son… either way it will be put to better use. 

10. Your paper budget is higher than your computer budget

Remember reason #1? You need so much paper that it now surpasses your budget for technology. For the record, we understand you need paper. But you need technology more. Cut back on the paper budget and start investing in a restaurant report writer. Who knows… you might even save a couple bucks along the way.

So, can you identify with one or more of these key indicators that you need a restaurant report writer? Trust me, you are not alone. Most, if not all, will fall under reasons #4 and #7. The most common issues occurring in the restaurant industry, in regards to reporting and analysis, are having separate systems to handle your data and not having the capability to consolidate all the data points into one place. No doubt we are living in a data driven world and we in the restaurant industry are behind the learning curve. But, we will get there. The early adopters and influencers will come out of the wood work with a solution everybody will soon be craving. You can get ahead of the curve, though. I encourage you to do your research. There are a number of companies out there that put an emphasis on business intelligence in the restaurant industry but from my research, only ONE has a functional restaurant report writer.


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