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Client Spotlight: Talon Management Services

Posted by Leslie

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Mirus NOW Client Speaker - Cristina Shupp- Talon Management Services

Talon Management Services is the management company for a number of  business entities, including Lehigh Valley Restaurant Group which houses 20 Red Robin locations and Talon Restaurants which consists of 8 Wingstop locations. Talon Management Services is part of the Mirus 10 year club and has been a Mirus client for over 10 years now. 

I had the opportunity to sit down with Talon Management Services Financial Controller, Cristina Shupp,  to talk about how Mirus helps provide data they trust and automate processes. 

Tell me about your MCON presentation.

I was very excited to share a project that we successfully started to roll out to different locations out of our Red Robin brand and it was paying out credit card tips using a pay card. (You can access part of Cristina's presentation by downloading the Mirus NOW Q2 2024 presentation.)

How did Mirus help?

Mirus was phenomenal. I don’t know how we could have done it without Mirus honestly. Our Account Coordinator, Delaney, was amazing throughout the whole process. I don’t see how we would have done it without Mirus. 

How have the pay card exports benefited you?

It’s benefited us in multiple ways:

  • We have reduced costs. Specifically those related to our armored car service.
  • We have more time in reconciliation for our accountants and our operators.
  • We have less of a risk for monetary losses because we don’t need as much cash on hand in our restaurants.
  • It’s been really beneficial for our team members because there are some financial management tools offered with the card.

How has the automation helped you?

It saves us a lot of time. If we can automate all of our manual processes that would be great. But getting that time back so we can focus that time we’ve recovered on value added tasks is really what we want to get to.

How easy was it to learn Mirus?

I love it. It’s so user friendly, it makes my job way easier.

How does Mirus help you as an individual?

It helps me complete special requests at a very rapid rate. It doesn’t take up a lot of my time to get the data that our operators need and I trust all the information that I get out of Mirus.

What makes you trust the information?

It’s never been wrong. We do all these proofs before it’s there for reporting, so I know with all that work that happened beforehand, it’s accurate.

This is your 2nd MCON, why come back?

We had an idea that we were not using Mirus to it’s full capacity and coming here that was definitely true.

What did you find?

Some of the networking with other clients was great because they had some struggles that I currently have. They used some functions I wanted Mirus to provide but they were already there and I just didn’t know. 

What ideas did you come away with?

We do manual P&L weekly summaries for our operators and I heard that is something that can be automated. I learned about the Blackbox integration, so we don’t have to manually manipulate that data and drop it anymore.

What would you tell someone considering MCON?

It's an incredibly valuable experience. The people here are friendly, it’s fun but also very educational. Definitely worth the time and the money.

MCON is awesome and so is Mirus! So come out, have fun, learn a lot of things.


Cristina shared some of her MCON presentation about using Mirus to create an automatic export for tip card payments during our 2nd Quarter Mirus NOW event which you can now access. 

Mirus Home Page Banner-Mirus NOW Q2 2024- slide & recording access

About Mirus:

Mirus provides services in data management and solutions in custom reporting for the restaurant industry.

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