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ETL for Dummies

Posted by Mirus Team

Jeff Royal, VP of Operations and Product Development at Mirus, explains why ETL matters to you.

ETL is the heart of Business Intelligence software.  It stands for "Extract, Transform, Load" and is a concept that, for most, is shrouded in mystery.  But ETL is at the heart of the rapidly evolving tech industry, and just because you don't understand how it works, doesn't mean your restaurants don't or won't eventually depend on it.

I asked Jeff Royal, VP of Operations and Product Development at Mirus, to demystify ETL a little for those of us who don't fancy ourselves advanced techies.

What is the most cruial thing restaurant operators need to know about how their data is being Extracted, Transformed, and Loaded?

"The Mirus model allows for operators' data in any format to be loaded and combined.  We're data agnostic. Whether it's your POS, drive thru timers, or labor scheduler, we're not brand specific."

What's the most exciting thing going on in the world of ETL right now?

"The ever increasing sources of information and new technologies like a web-based labor scheduler, customer satisfaction and loyalty programs.  Social media is the next big thing."

The bottom line: as restaurant operating systems become more diverse and specialized, ETL is increasingly crucial for streamlining data, and providing "one version of the truth".  As we continue to spearhead Business Intelligence for restaurants, Mirus remains a step ahead with products that anticipate operators' needs and empower decision makers.   



Jeff joined Mirus in 2000 and has led the development of policies and procedures for the company’s data center’s daily operations. He heads up Mirus’ data acquisition, ETL development, user interface and intelligence engine teams. Prior to joining Mirus, Jeff served as the director of IT for a regional chain restaurant operator and as a systems engineer for a major restaurant solutions provider. He is a U.S. Army veteran of Operation Desert Storm and attended Central Connecticut State University.


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Mirus provides decision makers across operations, finance and marketing with actionable intelligence. Our analytic software consolidates transactional information and a host of other data sources to measure and improve restaurant performance. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Mirus is a recognized leader in restaurant business intelligence.

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