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It's here... The new mirus.com - Check Out all the Bells and Whistles

Posted by Mirus Team

Out with the old - in with the new.

If you've been to mirus.com lately, chances are you've noticed some major changes. The recently updated website features an enhanced user experience and responsive design that gives everyone the same view on any device they're using.

With this post, we will walk you through various parts of the new website and highlight key pages that make it easier to find information. We hope that by the end you will take your own tour of the new mirus.com! We'd love to hear from you - so check out the contact us page to get the conversation started!


Seamless Navigation


There's a lot that goes into running a restaurant company. On the new mirus.com Tour page, information is segmented based on the needs of each department. 


Find exactly what you're looking for.


A Solution for Each Executive


Each C-level restaurant executive plays an integral part in running the company. No matter what department, an executive can find what they're looking for and educate themselves on the solution they need.


A solution for each department head.


There each Step of the Way



Analyze what is most important at your restaurant company. Give your information some context to help increase margins and decrease costs.


Give your information the context it needs.


For our Customers


For all customers visiting the new site, you will experience a new way to log in to your custom portal. Once on mirus.com, click Log in in the upper right corner. You will be redirected to a new login page. We suggest that you bookmark this page to your Favorites. Be on the look out for updates and messages from your Account Management team like the one below:


New log in page for our awesome customers.


And... We have a Video to Pull it All Together


Click on the play button below! 


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