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Time To Upgrade Your Restaurant Reporting System?

Posted by Mirus

Upgrade Restaurant Reports

Upgrading Your Insight

Restaurant company executives carefully select best in class systems to manage their restaurant operations. Each system (Point of Sale, Inventory, Food Cost, Labor Scheduling, Online Ordering, Customer Feedback, Payroll, GL) likely does an excellent job of collecting the necessary information. However, piecing together the data from all of these transactional systems, in order to gain greater insight, is often done manually and the process is not only time consuming but also often unreliable. Ever feel like you go through the effort of collecting, sorting and entering data into a spreadsheet, but then you’re not able to access the right information when you need it? Here is when executives begin to experience frustration because they aren't always able to get the necessary answers in a timely manner (if at all). Do you find your company in the same predicament? How long does it take to get a report? And will it tie in all your restaurant data? Are you frustrated by reporting limitations? If the answer is yes, it may be time to upgrade your current restaurant reporting methods.

Finding The Right Solution

As you travel along the learning curve and look for solutions on how to improve efficiency by integrating your existing data, you may have a lot of questions. How much would being able to share information across the network improve communication between departments? How can you eliminate delays or confusion because real-time information doesn’t flow easily between systems?

Developing a hierarchy and analyzing data in an efficient manner is crucial to understanding the performance or any potential problems within your business. A solid reporting system must offer drill down analysis with the ability to track and regulate sales, inventory and labor activity. You should be able to find the exceptions, track fraudulent activity, analyze employee performance, track over-time, and measure marketing initiatives. It is important to have a reporting system that can automate data and provide real time access to performance and metrics so that you can ultimately increase your profitability and grow your business.

What To Consider

If you’ve decided you need to make a change, there are a number of key factors that may help when looking for a new solution.
  • How easily does the reporting system allow you to collect and fuse information from all the systems you have in place?
  • Is it user-friendly or is it something only an IT specialist can decipher?
  • How easily can you adjust your system to fit your evolving business needs?
  • Is the number of reports you need to create unlimited or will you have to pay ala carte every time you need to add reports?
  • Will it help you measure your business’s potential for improvement and the need to stay competitive?
  • How easily can you sift through the anomalies and receive alerts so you can take action in a timely manner?
  • How soon can you expect to see a return on your investment?

As a restaurant business evolves so does the need to rate and increase its performance. Restaurant sales have been on the decline and the competition is more fierce than ever. Selecting the right reporting system to meet your current and future business needs is critical.


How do you assure the success of your business as you weather the storm?

How can you make the systems you already have in place work together more efficiently?

How would you rate your current reporting system?

About Mirus:

Mirus is a multi-unit restaurant reporting, analytic and predictive software solution set used by operations, finance, IT, and marketing to gain deeper insights into the business.

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