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Why Exception Based Reporting is Vital for Restaurant Operators

Posted by Mirus

Drowning in data

Just about every restaurant enterprise has had to deal with at least a base level of loss. Whether through fraud or frequent overtime, it's inevitable in this industry. Call it the cost of doing business.

Front door and back door loss and abuse of discounts and coupons are a continuing concern for those in the restaurant industry. Needless to say, these losses directly impact the bottom line. Identifying the core problems, creating a proactive plan of action, and a speedy resolution is the only way to put you back on the road to success.

For approximately the last decade, Exception Based Reporting has made an immense impact in restaurant profit strategies and loss prevention. The implementation of EBR in the restaurant world has proven to have a direct effect on profitability and overall operational efficiency, saving some hundreds of thousands of dollars, annually.

So what exactly is Exception Based Reporting and how does it work?

It is the process of data analysis that compares incoming stream of information from a system to an established set of data and pinpoints items that set off red flags. All activities can then be analyzed for signs of possible fraud or deviation.


EBR Sample

A restaurant suspects employees are manipulating the point of sale system to steal from the company. With EBR, they can create a report that shows employees who have too many voids. Thresholds would be set that outline what is acceptable or normal. When the report is run, any instances that fall outside the norm would show up on the report. In the manual reporting world, they would have to go through ALL the details by hand to find the outliers. With EBR they can program a report to look for the deviations and get an automatic notification when they are found.

Finding the right Fit

There are a number of elements that go into choosing an EBR system in order to prevent restaurant losses; mainly, how they integrate with other systems and the ability to accept other data implementation. Depending on the system you choose for your establishment, at the base level you should be able to customize your own reports.

Important factors to look for when searching for restaurant reporting solutions & incorporating EBR:

  • No more pulling numbers for each store manually to look for the deviation.

  • Automated reports can be custom set to your parameters and will automatically be sent out when that threshold is hit.

  • The ability to create new reports and distribute them throughout the company

  • The ability to examine ALL types of data

  • The ability to create filters

  • Creating schedules

  • Better and more thorough tracking of coupons and promotions.

  • Dashboards that allow for an 'at a glance' look at your most important Key Performance Indicators

  • Rapid ROI and Increased restaurant profit margin

Regardless of the size of your company, Exception Based Reporting is key to minimizing loss and improving profitability.


Have you used restaurant management software to manage your restaurants? Do you have a unique way you monitor business data?

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