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Is there a harder system to implement than restaurant food cost?

Posted by Dave

This is the first of a series of posts on the topic of restaurant food costing and perpetual inventory systems, which in most cases are two parts of a typical restaurant back office (BOH) system.  I'd like to collect your input on today's question:

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The Minimum Wage Hike: Survival Tactics for Multi Unit Restaurants

Posted by Mirus

Another Bite Out of Your Restaurant Profit Margin

It’s certainly not easy to own and operate a successful restaurant chain in today’s day and age. Take for example, a recent story about a small restaurant that placed a "minimum wage fee" on their customer receipts. The move was intended to shed a light on the raised minimum wages. While some customers understood and sympathized with the owner, others reacted harshly. Perhaps this was not the best way to handle minimum wage hikes.

Between high food costs and energy inflation, the unavoidable losses due to fraud, potential increases in state unemployment taxes, the ACA and now the imminent wage increases, restaurant operators are fraught with worry, more than ever, over keeping their doors open and their businesses profitable.

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Topics: Restaurant Finance

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