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Mirus Total Line Font Control

Posted by Leslie

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Mirus Total Line Font Control- wide

At Mirus we're all about giving our clients control over their data. That includes how their restaurant data looks in the custom reports and dashboards they create.  We're excited to announce our newest reporting  enhancement: Total Line Font Control. See why total line font control is important and the new features available. 

Total Control

We recently announced the rollout of font control enhancements which allows users to choose the font color, background color and background opacity on reports. The new updates now apply to the total line feature as well. 

By default the total lines in Mirus are shaded yellow. Our clients asked for the ability to personalize the color of their total lines. Why? Some clients like to use their brand colors on reports.

Another reason to change total line fonts is the ability to color code based on the aggregation. 

Mirus Total Line Font Control- multiple lines

The example above shows the Total Line with a purple background and the Total Average with a green background. By assigning a color to each total type you can quickly identify which aggregation you are looking at. 
If a report has both Row and Column Totals the additional option of Precedence is available. This allows you to choose which total line's (the row or the column) font control options take seniority when both are displayed together. 
The font control selections carry-over when reports are exported as pdf or Excel files. 
Mirus users can find step by step details on how to use Total Line Font Control in the 6.7.3 Release Notes under the MirusU tab.

Which Font is Best for a Report?

When it comes to font options for your restaurant reports you want to pick something that is clean and easy to read.

The Mirus Report Writer offers several different font options:

  • Arial
  • Arial Black
  • Helvetica
  • Courier New
  • Georgia
  • Times New Roman
  • Verdana
  • Tahoma

Along with different font types, the Report Writer also lets you control the font and background colors. In addition you can add bold, italics or underlines. 

We're excited about bringing these new enhancements to our clients to improve their user experience and the functionality of the Mirus platform. Improvements in Mirus are driven by our clients. Do you have suggestions or ideas? We want to hear from you. Use the button below to share your feedback. 

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About Mirus:

Mirus provides services in data management and solutions in custom reporting for the restaurant industry.

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