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Mirus XLS Group Alert Improvements

Posted by Leslie

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You asked and it's finally here!!! Mirus is excited to announce that we have added an enhancement to the XLS export option for the Group Alert Schedule. See the benefits of this new feature and how to use it in Mirus. 

Excel Group Alerts

The XLS group alert enhancement allows users to combine multiple reports into a single XLS file. XLS files can be opened using Microsoft Excel, and other spreadsheet software.

Instead of receiving multiple XLS files in an alert, reports will be combined into one single workbook. This means fewer files to open and quicker access to your data. Our Beta testers are really enjoying this new feature. 

Mirus Client Quotes- Twin Peaks- XLS group alert

"We spend about 10 minutes pulling reports down every morning and compiling them to send as one file for labor and comps. Now with the new group alerts, we can have those reports sent to our e-mails as one batch so we can all get a head start on our mornings," Lizzy Wright, Senior Manager of Operations Analytics, Twin Peaks

How To Use Excel Single File Alerts

Mirus XLS Single File Group Alert Option

To combine reports into a single file, check the box when creating or editing an XLS Group Alert Schedule. By default, this option is unselected and does not display unless the Export Option of XLS is selected from the dropdown.
Mirus XLS Single File AlertWhen the user views/downloads the group alert attachment, they will see each report as a separate sheet within the same workbook.
Mirus XLS Single File Alert Example
Each sheet in the workbook uses the name of the Mirus report displayed.

We're excited about bringing these new enhancements to our clients to improve their user experience and the functionality of the Mirus platform. Improvements in Mirus are driven by our clients. Do you have suggestions or ideas? We want to hear from you. Use the button below to share your feedback. 

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Mirus provides services in data management and solutions in custom reporting for the restaurant industry.

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