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Announcing Mirus Version 7.0

Posted by Leslie

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Introducing Mirus 7.0

Mirus is excited to announce our latest version- 7.0!  Our last major release of improvements to the overall application was over six years ago in 2016. See all the benefits of this new release and what you can expect in Mirus 7.0 coming soon. 

Version 7 Benefits

Every improvement we make to the Mirus platform is designed to benefit our users. Some of the benefits you will see in version 7.0 include:

  • Very quick responsiveness, especially for large reports
  • See your report as you're editing, no constant reloading
  • More space for editing activities
  • All options still available on left hand side
    Mirus Quote- Dina Misener- version 7.0

Version 7.0 Report Improvements

Version 7.0 brings us another step closer to our Single Page Application (SPA)  goal. In this version we are upgrading the underlying platform technology from Angular JS to Angular version 14. 
Mirus version 7 ReportList_Shift
 Starting with the report list you'll notice some visual changes. The modals slide in from the right and push the report data left, instead of opening and covering the report data like in version 6. The example above shows the Group Alert Schedule modal. The modal allows you to see what reports are part of the Group Alert Schedule. 
The Version 7.0 report list features new icons. The report list can also be expanded.
Mirus Version 7

In the report view, the list of reports shows automatically on the left-hand side to allow easy navigation. Under the Report Options you will see icons next to the options. 

Version 7.0 Dashboard Improvements

Mirus Version 7 Dashboard_Shift

Dashboard responsiveness is improved in Version 7.0. Keyboard shortcuts will also be available in the new version. 

We're excited about bringing these new enhancements to our clients to improve their user experience and the functionality of the Mirus platform. Improvements in Mirus are driven by our clients. Do you have suggestions or ideas? We want to hear from you. Use the button below to share your feedback. 

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About Mirus:

Mirus provides services in data management and solutions in custom reporting for the restaurant industry.

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