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To SaaS or Not? That's the Question...

Posted by Chuck

Buckle up because we’re going to turn on the wayback machine and do some time travel back to a day when companies used mainframe computers. Yes, I said mainframe computers. I guess that says something about how long I’ve been around.

OK, let’s fast forward for a minute and make a quick comparison – mainframes, like many of today’s Do it Yourself (‘DIY’) solutions, aren’t for everyone because they’re expensive to acquire, operate and maintain.

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The Different Types of Restaurant Software Solutions

Posted by Dave


A restaurant company has dozens of critically important, inter-connected processes. After all, restaurants are a combination of a factory and a retail operation rolled up into one. And, don't forget distribution. Delivery and catering are both growing revenue centers for many restaurant companies.

To keep track of all these processes without software solutions is a high-risk, low-reward option. A very smart team might be able to keep all the facts in their heads, but they would not be able to grow the business.  There aren't enough really smart people in the world to do all this work manually.

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The Importance of Linking Restaurant Data

Posted by Leslie

Executives running multi-unit restaurants use a number of different systems to keep track of the health of their business. Many times I've talked with restaurant executives that are looking for one system that handles it all. Unfortunately, that doesn't exist. Different systems are really good at different things.

Point of Sale systems are great at capturing transactional details, Back of House Systems are great at capturing things like inventory and Business Intelligence (BI) systems are great at pulling it all together so you can analyze the overall health of your restaurant company. But what information should you be pulling together and why is it important?

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Sparking Restaurant Business Change Through Comparative Reporting

Posted by Leslie

The first Dewey’s Pizza opened in 1998 in Oakley, in the City of Cincinnati, Ohio. With a reputation built on excellent service, hand-tossed artisan pizzas and gourmet salads, there are now more than 20 Dewey’s Pizza restaurants in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, Columbus and St. Louis markets.

I had a chance to catch up with Jason at a recent conference and learn more about his experience with Mirus.

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