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Restaurants see an Increase in Same Store Sales

Posted by Dave Bennett on 6/20/17 7:25 AM

For the past year, reports have been consistently detailing the decline in restaurant same store sales. Mirus reporting clients, as a group, have not suffered this fate.

Mirus Index is a same store sales performance benchmark of all the restaurant companies who use Mirus reporting solutions. For the past eight years we have routinely compared the Mirus Index against the more popular indices published by companies like Black Box Intelligence, MillerPulse, Restaurant Research, and others.

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Multi-Unit Restaurants: 3 Ways to Measure Cannibalization

Posted by Dave Bennett on 4/19/17 3:41 PM

Change Happens...

Menu changes occur all the time in restaurants. Sometimes it is a price change; sometimes it is a limited time offer. There are lots of reasons for changing your menu. Think of a menu change as an avenue to stimulating your customers. By making the change, you are hoping to achieve a particular outcome; for example, selling more of a menu item or making more money selling the menu items you already sell.

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Restaurants sell more using Mirus

Posted by Dave Bennett on 3/17/17 8:25 AM

Measuring success or failure of a system that improves decision making is challenging in many respects. But, the Same Store Sales (SSS) metric can be useful, especially when applied to a long period of time, and across thousands of restaurants. SSS is caluclated as a percentage change from last year to this year, and only uses locations that are open for both years.

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