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Restaurant Customer Satisfaction - What Exactly Makes Your Guest Come Back?

Posted by Chuck Bartlett on 5/3/17 3:04 PM

What's CX?

According to Wikipedia, Customer Experience (CX) is the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer over the duration of their relationship. This interaction is made up of three parts:

  1. The customer's journey.
  2. The brand touchpoints the customer interacts with.
  3. The environments the customer experiences (including digital environment) during their experience.

In addition to the focus on hiring and retaining staff, labor and food costs, customer engagement technology and winning the guest / customer through exceptional service are among the top priorities for restaurant companies that want to win the wallet and mind of the customer.

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Locked In: The Dilemma of the Restaurant CEO

Posted by Kira on 4/4/17 11:04 AM

The Need for More Advanced Technology

As restaurant businesses continue to grow and expand, there comes a point when restaurant executives become frustrated with spreadsheets and spending time piecing together information. It is also challenging for the executive to what is really happening in their business. Restaurant CEOs and owners task their leadership team to find a comprehensive analytic solution to get greater insight into their restaurant data.

Enter the restaurant software companies that provide a variety of tools which can help arm these businesses with the right solutions. As you enter into new relationships with vendors (whether a POS system, a Back Office solution or an Above Store Reporting Tool) be aware that there are a variety of agreement designs that can work both for or against you.

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Restaurants sell more using Mirus

Posted by Dave Bennett on 3/17/17 8:25 AM

Measuring success or failure of a system that improves decision making is challenging in many respects. But, the Same Store Sales (SSS) metric can be useful, especially when applied to a long period of time, and across thousands of restaurants. SSS is caluclated as a percentage change from last year to this year, and only uses locations that are open for both years.

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How Labor Affects Restaurant Promotions

Posted by Leslie on 2/1/17 2:37 PM

As a restaurant CMO the areas of social media, guest feedback and planning the next profitable promotion probably take up most of your time. But what about labor? Wait, Operations is supposed to take care of labor scheduling and staffing not marketing. Before you pass this very important function off to the next guy you may want to see how labor affects the marketing department's efforts.

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Investigating Customer Satisfaction and Tip Percentage Relationships

Posted by Frank on 1/16/17 9:30 AM

The Foundation

For the purpose of this article, let's make the assumption that the multiple restaurants you oversee have, in some form or another, a POS system, an established holiday calendar, weather data, customer satisfaction surveys, kitchen timers, and a labor management system.

If you only have a few of these systems in place, that's okay. I just wanted to name the data source systems that could be leveraged for this reporting overview.

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Should You Change Your Restaurant POS?

Posted by Dave Bennett on 1/6/17 2:16 PM

It seems like an eternal question for many restaurant companies; should I dump the POS we use today in favor of a 'better' one? In our business, the POS is a fundamental system. Without a POS it is vitually impossible to run a multi-unit company. From out vantange point, it is also one of the most disliked systems. The churn in POS is not well documented but I think it is easy to say over 50% of companies choose a different vendor when their current POS reaches end of life. Shooting the POS vendor seems to be a popular sport among restaurant companies.

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NEWS: Restaurant Traffic Rises

Posted by Dave Bennett on 11/18/16 9:56 AM

Customer traffic into restaurants has been in the news throughout 2016. There is a lot of speculation on the cause of this trend, but most everyone is seeing the decline in traffic as a major issue for the industry.

Recently, we've noticed a change that contrasted with other reports.

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Data Integration: How Partial Details Can Be Misleading

Posted by Kira on 9/29/16 2:24 PM

Successful restaurateurs need to have extensive KPIs and they must be able to quantify everything.  Data scrutiny and analysis is an ongoing process. Restaurant CEO's need to have their restaurant information distributed and analyzed by different personnel that will empower their businesses to increase revenue and improve customer service.  However, operators can be misled by information received solely from their POS systems (sales, reservations) or BOH systems (inventory, food costing, labor scheduling).  They need to be able to get a look at the bigger picture.

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How To Leverage Technology to Track Labor & Overtime

Posted by Leslie on 9/21/16 2:57 PM

Labor is on the minds of many restaurant executive's these days and for good reason. The news of the Department of Labor's new overtime rules along with minimum wage increases has operators scrambling to keep labor costs down. Technology can play a big role in helping track labor and prevent overtime.

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How Profit Patterns Can Give Restaurants Hope and Improve Operations

Posted by Leslie on 9/14/16 10:25 AM

Slow Sales

With all the bad news in the restaurant industry lately about negative same store sales and traffic declines it may be hard as a restaurant operations executive to motivate your team and stay motivated yourself. Throughout history the one thing that has helped people persevere through tough times: Hope. One way operations executives can find hope in these hard times is knowing when profits are highest throughout the year and taking advantage of that knowledge.

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