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Restaurant Data Integrations - What To Know

Posted by Frank on 5/13/19 10:42 AM

What's data integration and how is it leveraged?

Data integration is a process in which heterogeneous data (finance, marketing, operations, sales, customer, mystery shop, cleanliness, inventory, etc.) is organized and cleansed into a data warehouse. It is leveraged when it's accessible through a platform that allows it to be leveraged together to form meaningful and actionable reports.

What are some challenges restaurants face today?

Restaurant companies are drowning in data about their customers, operational execution, internal business processes, finances, suppliers, partners, and competitors. Many can't leverage this flood of data and convert it to actionable information for growing revenue, increasing profitability, and efficiently operating the business.

Why? Well, there are multiple reasons, here's two that come to mind:

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Topics: Restaurant Data Warehouse

We're Hiring! Know Anyone?

Posted by Frank on 10/25/18 2:39 PM

Mirus continues to grow and because of this, we are currently looking for people who enjoy working in teams with:

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Mirus User Conference 2018 Presentation & Photos

Posted by Frank on 10/16/18 10:36 AM

2018 Mirus User Conference

We had a blast being able to meet with some of our clients this year at MCON! Big thank you to everyone who came down to our hometown in Houston, TX, especially the presenters and panelists. If you couldn't make it out this year, make sure to check out some photos on our Facebook page here.

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Employee Spotlight: Meet Dina and Hear How She is Helping Restaurants With Their Data

Posted by Frank on 5/4/18 4:34 PM

Employee Spotlight:
Dina Misener, Manager of Application Development, Mirus Restaurant Solutions

At Mirus, we work with many wonderful clients. At industry events or maybe during our annual user conference, we get to meet with some of them, face-to-face. It's always a good feeling to personally meet someone you have been working with over the phone or email.

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Topics: Employee Spotlight

Meet Terri and Learn How Mirus Can Improve Your Restaurant Business

Posted by Frank on 3/23/18 9:56 AM

Employee Spotlight:
Terri Pham Gonzalez, Manager of Account Services, Mirus Restaurant Solutions

If I had to describe Terri in a few words, I'd describe her as a hard worker, someone who is very driven and focused. Terri is the glue that holds the Mirus account coordinators together. The role she plays is extremely important because every client has a unique set of needs and the account coordinators have to keep track of it all.

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Topics: Employee Spotlight

The Blurred Lines of "Restaurant Management Software"

Posted by Frank on 3/16/18 2:32 PM

Like many terms in the restaurant industry, "Restaurant Management Software" is widely used, creating a complex understanding of what it actually means. In this article, I'd like to briefly discuss why that is, explain what I have learned so far by studying its use in our industry and tell you how to get a clearer picture of what defines solutions that are classified as Restaurant Management Software.

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Save the Date: Mirus User Conference 2018

Posted by Frank on 2/27/18 9:13 AM

The date has been set! Join us September 26-27th at Hotel Sorella in Houston, Texas for our annual user conference, MCON. Come grow in your restaurant reporting and analysis knowledge while enjoying several networking opportunities with like-minded restaurant industry professionals.

Even if you are not a current Mirus client, you will find value in attending. Learn techniques for using the wealth of data your systems produce to drive revenues and increase profits.

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Fast Casual Operations: 2 Areas That Affect Restaurant Profits

Posted by Frank on 2/8/18 2:14 PM


The ordering experience at a fast-casual restaurant can be overwhelming for some guests. Take a second and imagine this scenario with me: You walk into a fast-casual restaurant with a friend. Let's say this is one of those new pizza concepts where you go through the line picking toppings, making your pizza similar to a Subway line.

It's lunchtime, the place is fairly busy. You have a handful of customers behind you as you stare at the menu board above. But it's ok, they are also staring, trying to decide how they should begin their journey. For some, the ordering experience can even cause anxiety. To make the process go smoothly and put guests at ease there are two things fast-casual operators can do. Focusing on these two areas will help fast casual operations increase profits.

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Topics: Restaurant Operations, Performance

Mirus User Conference 2017 - Presentations & Photos

Posted by Frank on 10/25/17 10:37 AM

What a great conference this year! I want to thank everyone who joined us, especially the presenters and panelists. This year we made it back to lively and always exciting Vegas strip. Check out our photos here.

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Meet Sonia Scott and see how she helps restaurants

Posted by Frank on 6/16/17 11:42 AM

Sonia Scott

Mirus has experienced steady growth in recent years and a lot of that growth falls onto the shoulders of our account management team. They are the front lines of Mirus customer service and without their hard work and communication efforts, Mirus would struggle greatly.

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