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Fast Casual Operations: 2 Areas That Affect Restaurant Profits

Posted by Frank on 2/8/18 2:14 PM


The ordering experience at a fast-casual restaurant can be overwhelming for some guests. Take a second and imagine this scenario with me: You walk into a fast-casual restaurant with a friend. Let's say this is one of those new pizza concepts where you go through the line picking toppings, making your pizza similar to a Subway line.

It's lunchtime, the place is fairly busy. You have a handful of customers behind you as you stare at the menu board above. But it's ok, they are also staring, trying to decide how they should begin their journey. For some, the ordering experience can even cause anxiety. To make the process go smoothly and put guests at ease there are two things fast-casual operators can do. Focusing on these two areas will help fast casual operations increase profits.

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Topics: Restaurant Operations, Performance

Mirus User Conference 2017 - Presentations & Photos

Posted by Frank on 10/25/17 10:37 AM

What a great conference this year! I want to thank everyone who joined us, especially the presenters and panelists. This year we made it back to lively and always exciting Vegas strip. Check out our photos here.

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Topics: Mirus Updates

Meet Sonia Scott and see how she helps restaurants

Posted by Frank on 6/16/17 11:42 AM

Sonia Scott

Mirus has experienced steady growth in recent years and a lot of that growth falls onto the shoulders of our account management team. They are the front lines of Mirus customer service and without their hard work and communication efforts, Mirus would struggle greatly.

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Topics: Employee Spotlight

Can Restaurant Reporting Software Pay For Itself?

Posted by Frank on 5/10/17 2:39 PM

Has Data Become More Valuable Than Oil?

Read an article on this very subject. Think about it, every day you can find something in the news about businesses using data to make more money. With that in mind, I wondered if Mirus clients were ahead of the curve? If they are, could their actions of leveraging data be paying for itself?

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Topics: Performance

Mirus Updates: A good start for 2017!

Posted by Frank on 1/30/17 3:23 PM

New Year, New Mirus

Mirus is always looking to improve our restaurant reporting solution. Our clients choose Mirus for it's data warehouse and reporting engine but they also choose us to constantly maintain and improve the way they can leverage their data.

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Topics: Mirus Updates

Investigating Customer Satisfaction and Tip Percentage Relationships

Posted by Frank on 1/16/17 9:30 AM

The Foundation

For the purpose of this article, let's make the assumption that the multiple restaurants you oversee have, in some form or another, a POS system, an established holiday calendar, weather data, customer satisfaction surveys, kitchen timers, and a labor management system.

If you only have a few of these systems in place, that's okay. I just wanted to name the data source systems that could be leveraged for this reporting overview.

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Topics: Restaurant Profit, Restaurant Operations

A Look Back - Mirus 2016 (UPDATED)

Posted by Frank on 12/20/16 11:04 AM

A look back on 2016

Listening and Improving

I asked Dina Misener, Manager of Application Development at Mirus to share her thoughts on what Mirus has accomplished in development during the 2016 year. Here's what she had to say:

"When asked to summarize what the Mirus development team accomplished over the past year, I paused and smiled. In my 15 years as a Mirus development team member, it gives me enormous pleasure to recognize we have had one of the most accomplished years in our history. Mirus underwent a major architectural and visual overhaul. The highlight of the year included the delivery of our new Smart Dashboard and Report View. Both of which were no small task and all teams, not just development participated in making our launches in March and September, a successful one."

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3 Tips To Improve Restaurant Surveys

Posted by Frank on 9/26/16 3:17 PM

You'd think employees of restaurants know why it is important to collect customer feedback, right? Not to say that your employees don't care about customers in general, but I wonder if they understand that the data customers give management can be leveraged into profits and improve job satisfaction! Let's take a look at how this could be.

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Topics: Restaurant Marketing, Restaurant Performance

Managing Franchises, One Unit at a Time

Posted by Frank on 8/19/16 5:30 PM

Restaurant Scorecards

Restaurant scorecards have long been used to monitor the success or struggles franchise locations may be going through at any given point in time. Similar to a grade school report card, operators can get a glimpse of unit sales, costs, execution, media spending, revenue bands, area demographics, and more.

Now days, there are systems that can take operating data and use that information to compare unit to unit or geographical area to area. It can be a quick and effective way to reward and offer assistance to franchisees.

So why is it important to scorecard each location to it's granular level? Below are 3 examples!

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Topics: Restaurant Profit, Restaurant Operations

5 Labor Alerts Every Restaurant Should Receive

Posted by Frank on 6/30/16 11:30 AM

Save Time, Save Money

Is time really money? I think so, you only have so much time in a day. If you could save time by making your job more efficient, then you can effectively save money. Improving business efficiency can be achieved through exception based reporting.

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Topics: Restaurant Operations, Restaurant Finance


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